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Northern Pantanal

Jaguar vs Caiman!

Ultimate Photographic Adventure

Jaguar vs Caiman!

8-Day Ultimate Photographic Adventure

This exclusive jaguar safari will give you a higher chance to watch and capture dramatic jaguar hunting scenes. You will be exhilarated at the sight of a Jaguar clearing a massive leap and latching onto a caiman’s neck within moments. In the Pantanal, caiman kills are brutal events that deliver a pure rush of adrenaline. The sheer audacity of a jaguar attacking these armored reptiles will leave you speechless! Sometimes, these attacks result in a frantic fight to the death, which makes the hunting scene even more impressive.

Expect several hunts on this tour, and tons of wildlife, including capybaras, giant river otters, and more!


  • The tour starts and ends at Cuiabá (CGB) airport
  • Best time: From August to October
  • 8 Days / 7 Nights (tailored)
  • Exclusive, English-speaking Wildlife Guide
  • Private Boat Safari
  • Top-notch speedboats featuring whisper-quiet motors

Video by Chris Schmid, Sony Ambassador, National Geographic Explorer and represented by National Geographic Image Collection