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WILD BRAZIL is one of the most experienced tour operators DMC in Brazil. We operate all year round, bringing together over a decade of logistical and wildlife expertise to deliver unforgettable wildlife trips in our spectacular country.

Brazil is home to six terrestrial biomes teeming with unparalleled biodiversity. Each Brazilian biome has a lot to offer to wildlife photographers, birders, mammal watchers, naturalists, reptiles and amphibians enthusiasts, and hikers.

Discover intriguing species of animals amid the Pantanal Wetlands, hike through the jungle of the Atlantic Rainforest in search of rare endemics, explore the magnificent Amazon Rainforest to find spectacular birds, and witness the beauty of the poorly known, underrated Cerrado for a perfect nature experience through the Brazilian Savanna.

Check out our customized itineraries and let us know what catches your eye!

Main Destinations

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The Pantanal is the largest freshwater wetland on Earth, and is home to a sheer abundance of wildlife. Explore the kingdom of the Jaguar, the Yellow Anaconda, and the Yacare Caiman.

atlantic forest

Atlantic Rainforest

The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the world's richest tropical forests, with the highest numbers of endemic birds and amphibians of any areas in Brazil. This rainforest is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It is also one of the few areas in Brazil where primate species are one-a-kind, including the rare, endangered Southern Muriqui.

cerrado - serra da canastra


This 40-million year old biome hosts the world’s biologically richest savanna, with outstanding endemism. Expect to see a variety of improbable-looking mammals, including the Maned Wolf and the Giant Armadillo.

Jaguar Photography & Pantanal specialists

Wild Brazil specializes in Jaguar Photo Safaris and Pantanal tours. We have been arranging Jaguar tours and wildlife tours in the Northern Pantanal for hundreds of customers over the past 12 years. Our company is based in Cuiabá, the gateway to the Northern Pantanal, to offer you first-class operation from start to finish.

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Atlantic Rainforest specialists

We take pride in offering cutting-edge tours and expeditions in the Atlantic Rainforest, including primate watching tours, birding tours, and butterfly watching tours!

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