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Macaw's Sinkhole

Buraco das Araras

Private Reserve

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Cerrado: Macaw Photography!

A geological marvel shaped by the gradual collapse of rock blocks thousands of years ago, giving rise to this colossal cavity. Ranked among the world's largest sinkholes, it boasts a circumference of 500 meters (1600 feet) and plunges to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet).

We'll explore the sinkhole during the morning and afternoon sessions, capturing stunning photographs from two spacious decks equipped for convenient tripod setups. Positioned on opposite sides of the sinkhole, these decks ensure optimal lighting conditions for both morning and afternoon shoots.
Approximately 24 red-and-green macaws nest within the sinkhole, with many others perched outside. This offers you a unique chance to capture close-up shots of the macaws in the trees or in mesmerizing flight against diverse backgrounds. The photographic possibilities here are truly spectacular!

At the sinkhole's base lies an emerald-green lagoon, embraced by lush vegetation, serving as the enigmatic habitat for caimans whose survival remains a mystery. Beyond these intriguing reptiles and the vibrant macaws, the sinkhole hosts a diverse array of mammals, including armadillos, anteaters, coatis, and foxes. Moreover, it is home to a rich avian population boasting 130 species, featuring ibises, toucans, and the strikingly colorful blue-crowned motmot.


  • Departure from: Campo Grande MS
  • When: From April to November
  • Duration: min. 2 Days / 1 Night
  • Difficulty:
  • When to book: at least 1 month in advance
  • Private Guided Tour
  • Exceptional photographic opportunity!

This tour includes

  • Private transportation
  • Exclusive, English-speaking Wildlife Guide
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Entrance fees

Buraco das Araras